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    C-Fine Ferulic & Vitamin E Serum

    Almost all of us have those friends who magnify our own power and ability. When we're with them, we feel funnier, smarter, happier and so do they when they're with us. One of Hale Cosmeceuticals' wonderful skin care products, C-Fine Ferulic & Vitamin E Serum, is a lot like a friendship like the one we just described. Our C-Fine Ferulic & Vitamin E Serum contains vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, and Vitamin A and these three “friends, as powerful as they are individually are even more powerful when combined.  

    Vitamin C Vitamin C has a reputation. It's widely known as an antioxidant, as an enemy of free radicals, and even as an immunity booster. It's often used in skin care products because its track record of fighting the signs of aging speaks for itself.

    Ferulic Acid Ferulic Acid can be found in nature in oranges, blueberries, apples, artichokes, peanuts, and coffee always doing its part to protect the plants it's in from sun exposure. It helps the world's flora, and it can help you, too. Ferulic Acid can work wonders for your skin protecting it from UV radiation at a cellular level.

    Vitamin E Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant. Like vitamin C, vitamin E can even reduce damage from sunburns. It prevents cellular damage, and it can help your skin stay supple and healthy.

    Together Put vitamin C and vitamin E together with Ferulic Acid, and the results are undeniable. Studies show that Ferulic acid has the wonderful ability to double the effectiveness of Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Together there is nothing these three can't do, and that's why our researchers, here at Hale Cosmeceuticals, put them together. Try our C-Fine Ferulic & Vitamin E Serum as soon as possible, and see for yourself.

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