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    Caring for Your Skin in the Winter

    As the seasons change, so too do your skincare needs. When winter rolls around, your skin goes from being oily and shiny to being cracked, dry and dull. Fortunately, your skin doesn't have to look like a desert all season long. With these winter skin care tips, you can combat dry winter skin and restore the glow to your complexion. Portrait of young, beautiful and healthy woman over winter Christmas background. Healthcare, spa, makeup and face lifting concept.

    Take it Easy With the Hot Water

    Though a hot shower or bath sounds like just what the doctor ordered after being out and about in the cold all day, you should keep your water temperature tepid during the winter months. Taking a hot shower and then not moisturizing directly afterward can create cracks in the skin, thereby leaving the skin's nerves exposed to the harsh environment. This can lead to eczema and winter's itch, both of which are uncomfortable and unsightly.

    Use a Humidifier

    The winter months are dry, meaning your skin isn't getting as much moisture as it does during the spring and summer months. Use a humidifier to keep moisture in the air and drink more water than normal. Both can add moisture to your home and your skin.

    Use Gentle Cleansers

    Summertime facial cleansers are meant to combat excess moisture, so using them in the winter will only serve to make your skin even more dry and itchy. If you haven't already, switch out your summer cleanser with a gentle, fragrance free one that will restore the moisture to your skin not zap it.

    Moisturize Daily

    Your skin is going to need extra help during the winter, as it has a hard time generating moisture itself when the weather turns cold. Add high indoor temperatures to the mix and your skin does not have a fighting chance. Swap out your oil-free moisturizer from summertime with a thicker serum and apply it directly after getting out of the bath or shower.

    Exfoliate Less

    Though you shouldn't stop exfoliating all together, you should do it less. Exfoliation can irritate dry skin, so if your skin is really, really dry, skip this step in your regime entirely.

    Use Sunscreen

    Just because the temperatures are cooler does not mean that the sun's rays still can't do damage to your skin. In fact, according to the Skin Care Foundation, snow reflects the sun's rays by up to 80%. Even on dreary days, the sun's strong UV rays can penetrate the cloud coverage and reach you. Regardless of the conditions, make sunscreen a part of your everyday skincare routine.Quality skincare products can go a long way toward boosting your skin's appearance, regardless of the weather. Hale Cosmeceuticals combines research, advanced technologies and experience to create effective beauty products for every season. Shop our collection today for the skincare products you need to maintain a healthy summer glow all winter long.

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