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    CBD Oil in Your Skincare? Yes, Please!

    With nearly every new study about cannabinoids, more evidence of CBD oil's medicinal and cosmetological benefits becomes evident. So, if you haven't already infused your skincare routine with this new wonder-substance, it's time to try it.

    What Is CBD Oil?

    CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound derived from the hemp plant yes, the same plant from which medicinal and recreational-use marijuana comes. Oil from the plant is refined to increase the concentration of CBD, which unlike marijuana, has none of the psycho-active THC compound.

    How CBD Oil Works

    CBD oil works on the skin and in the body by helping to restore and maintain homeostasis the state of natural balance. CBD works on a number of cell receptors (many of which are present in skin cells) to regulate the inflammatory response, resulting in:

    • Reduced redness
    • Reduced swelling
    • Reduced pain

    CBD oil can help reduce sensitivity associated with a number of acute and chronic conditions, making it an important ingredient in cosmetic and medicinal formulas.

    Skin-Specific Benefits of CBD Oil

    CBD can be ingested or applied topically. The best skin health results are achieved with the topical use of products containing CBD oil like Hale Cosmeceuticals' Vegan CBD Cream.When incorporated into your skincare routine, CBD oil can deliver benefits like:

    • Reduced inflammation, which itself allows visible benefits like:
      • Reduced redness for a more even skin tone
      • Reduced sensitivity
    • Reduced acne breakouts by minimizing clogged pores and inhibiting oil production
    • Reduced dryness

    One word of caution: to get the maximum benefits of CBD oil for your skin, CBD oil-containing products need to have adequate concentrations of high-quality CBD. Hale Cosmeceuticals' Vegan CBD Cream contains 500 mg of CBD oil. We invest in cold processing and careful formulation to ensure the integrity of the CBD compound and the highest potency once it hits your skin. Contact us to get a Vegan CBD Cream sample or to order your full-size product and start seeing benefits within days!"

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