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    Celebrate Skin-Protecting Strawberries

    At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we're obviously passionate about skin health. That's why our R & D team has spent so much time perfecting our formulas. But skin health isn't just achieved by what you put on your skin. Skin health is nurtured from the inside out, too, with a healthy, balanced diet. And a diet that includes strawberries is even better! May is National Strawberry Month, and there's a lot about strawberries to celebrate.

    Natural Sun Protection

    Strawberries are packed with nutrients: vitamin C, folate, manganese and fiber. They're also high in anthocyanin content. Anthocyanins are phytonutrients that give plants their rich colors usually reds, purples and blues. These chemical compounds play a key role in protecting plants from sun damage. And when you eat them, you get the benefit of natural sun protection, too.We're not saying that if you eat strawberries that you can pass on the sunscreen. Sunblock and sunscreen are always a must. But, when you incorporate strawberries (and other richly colored berries), your body has the stuff it needs to resist the oxidative damage caused by UV radiation.

    Skin Repair

    When we said strawberries are packed with vitamin C, we weren't exaggerating. One cup of strawberries contains up to 130% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C! And do you know what that means for your skin? Antioxidants to the rescue!Antioxidants are one of the keys to anti-aging. Antioxidants bind to free radicals, preventing them from damaging other cells and tissues. In the skin, antioxidants protect collagen and elastin fibers that keep your skin firm and resilient. Vitamin C is also involved in the process of collagen production. In short, vitamin C helps your skin resist sagging, and it helps improve texture to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Skin Hydration

    For a berry that has so much skin health stuff packed inside, it's amazing to find out that they're really mostly water. Strawberries are over 75% water, and foods that are high in water content help you to stay hydrated. Water that you drink is largely passed through your system, never making it to the cells. Getting your eight glasses a day is still important, of course, because it helps the body detoxify. But, the bulk of water that gets delivered to your cells comes from food that must be broken down through the digestive process, and that means strawberries are an excellent food to promote skin cell hydration, which enhances a youthful complexion.

    Skin Health is in Season

    There's a reason May is National Strawberry Month because strawberries are in season now! You can get fresh strawberries from your local growers between April and June. However, the freezer section at your grocer will have the same red, heart-shaped skin health promoting beauties year round. So add strawberries to your skin health-promoting grocery list and indulge in sweetness for your tongue and your skin!

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