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    Yes, Chlorophyll Is a Superfood and Skincare Ingredient!

    Green has long been associated with health, so it’s no wonder green drinks and skincare products are becoming all the rage. And what makes them green? In many health formulas, it’s the same stuff that makes plants green—chlorophyll. And science backs up why it should be in your diet and your medicine cabinet.

    What Is Chlorophyll?

    Chlorophyll is a magnesium-containing pigment that absorbs all light frequencies on the visible spectrum except green. Most plant leaves have high concentrations of chlorophyll—that’s why they appear green.

    What Chlorophyll Does for Your Body

    In plants, chlorophyll is one of the pigments that facilitates the collection of solar energy by which plants make their own food. In humans, it does other things, like:

    Detoxifies. The liver is our body’s natural detoxifier. Chlorophyll boosts liver function by increasing the production of certain liver enzymes and inhibiting the production of procarcinogenic compounds (thereby preventing some cancers, too).

    Facilitates healing. Chlorophyll acts as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, helping to speed up wound healing.

    Helps weight loss. Chlorophyll may help people trying to lose weight be more successful by balancing fluid levels and naturally suppressing appetite.

    Protects against some viruses. Research shows that chlorophyll may provide natural protection from viruses that affect the skin, including herpes and shingles.

    Because chlorophyll contains significant amounts of magnesium, it can also help restore a sense of calm and balance.

    How to Infuse Your Health and Skincare with Chlorophyl

    The benefits of chlorophyll may be gotten by ingestion and topical delivery. To increase your chlorophyll intake through your diet, you need to include chlorophyll-rich foods, which—surprise, surprise!—are green:

    • Dark leafy greens—e.g., spinach, kale, collard greens
    • Green herbs, like parsley and cilantro
    • Green vegetables—e.g., peas, celery, green beans
    • Matcha and whole-leaf green tea
    • Seaweed and other sea vegetables
    • Sprouts

    You may incre

    ase the bio-availability of chlorophyll by blending these green sources to make a shake. Your blender breaks down the cell walls significantly more effectively than your teeth can, allowing you to get more chlorophyll from your foods.

    You can also deliver chlorophyll directly to your skin. The best treatments are those intended to detoxify, so masques like our Super Silk Silt Masques are excellent delivery vehicles. Contact us to request a sample or to find out which silt masque is best formulated for your skin type.

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