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    How CoolSculpting Affects Your Skin

    For people frustrated by pockets of fat that stubbornly resist diet and exercise, CoolSculpting may be the alternative you're looking for. And, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that it poses no risk to your skin health (when performed by the right hands).

    How CoolSculpting Works

    CoolSculpting is a fat-loss procedure that uses cooling energy to deactivate fat cells so that they die and can be resorbed by your body. The cryo energy is applied topically through the skin (more specifically, through a protective gel pad on your skin).

    CoolSculpting and Your Skin

    CoolSculpting is applied at the skin's surface, but it was not developed to work on the skin. Because of the different water and mineral compositions, fat and skin tissues have different freezing points fat's is much higher than skin's. So, the cryo energy delivered through your skin does not freeze the skin, only the fat layer beneath it. Furthermore, the machine developed by Zeltiq used for the FDA-approved CoolSculpting procedure has sensors to ensure that skin temperature does not drop too low. In the event that skin temps drop to a certain range, the machine will either begin warming or turn off completely to prevent skin freezing. One of the original benefits of the CoolSculpting procedure was its skin-neutral effects. However, the procedure may actually one-up itself. Recent research has shown that CoolSculpting's cooling action may actually help firm and tighten the skin at the application site. Most notable results have been observed by those who have had CoolSculpting below their chin.

    When CoolSculpting May Damage Your Skin

    The patented, FDA-approved CoolSculpting procedure does not pose any risk to your skin health. However, other machines that may work like Zeltiq's CoolSculpting may not provide the same skin safeguards. And, any cryolipolysis (the technique of freezing fat cells) procedure performed by an untrained technician increases risks. In other words, cryolipolysis technology has the potential to damage skin. That potential is nearly eliminated, though, for those who invest in the patented CoolSculpting procedure performed by properly trained professionals. (Zeltiq certifies its own practitioners, so you can ask for proof of training at your med spa.)

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