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    What's the Difference between Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals?

    You know how important proper skin care and quality skincare products are to the health and appearance of your skin. While you know you can't believe all the marketing hype of all skincare products, the brand name and/or labeling of those products can provide clues about their effectiveness. Products branded with the term cosmeceuticals, as in Hale Cosmeceuticals, are products backed by science to deliver real skin health benefits.

    The Definitions

    The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates drug production and consumption. To clarify what does and does not fall under their purview, they have carefully defined a number of product types, including:

    • Drug: those products that cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease or that affect the structure or function of the human body
    • Cosmetic: products intended to beautify, promote attractiveness, alter appearance or cleanse* The FDA has not officially defined cosmeceutical but recognizes that the term is used in the cosmetics/skincare industry to label products that claim to have medicinal properties or benefits, most notably anti-aging effects.

    What Makes Hale Cosmeceuticals Cosmeceuticals

    The FDA does not regulate the claims, formulations or labeling of cosmetics or cosmeceuticals. That means that many cosmeceutical products can make claims that are not backed by research of any kind. And that means that there may be many cosmeceutical products that cannot deliver on the claims they make. Iffy product formulations are largely the result of skincare companies relying on others' research.

    They buy formulas, tweak them and slap a new label on them without ever doing any research or testing on their own. Hale Cosmeceuticals is different. Our company was founded by scientists. We have our own research and development department. We develop our own formulas, do our own animal-free testing and source our own ingredients. We do the work from start to finish to ensure you get a product that really does repair skin at the cellular level, visibly diminish signs of aging and/or even out skin tone and texture.

    If you would like more information about any of our products, contact us.

        * https://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/Labeling/Claims/ucm127064.htm

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