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    Why Dead Sea Salt is Better Than Any Other Salt for Your Skin

    There are more uses for salt than seasoning your food. Salts have a variety of uses in skincare from scrubs to soaks to essential ingredients in your favorite masques. To get the best results from salt-infused skincare products, you need the best-quality salt and that comes from the Dead Sea.

    What is a Salt?

    Chemically speaking, a salt is an ionic compound that can be formed by the neutralization reaction of an acid and a base. (Thanks, Wikipedia). Salts are crystalline structures that can

    vary in color and appearance, as their acidic and basic components result in different-size crystals and reflect light differently.

    Salt in Skin Care

    While there are a number of chemical compounds defined as salts, the most common types used for skin care applications include:

    Sodium chloride

    The same chemical compound as table salt, sodium chloride crystals can be infused with a number of other minerals that benefit skin health. In skincare products, sodium chlorides ionization helps attract and bond other minerals and water for improved health.

    Magnesium sulfate

    Also known as Epsom salts, magnesium sulfate has a relaxing effect and can help reduce swelling and facilitate detoxification through the skin.

    Copper sulfate/Copper PCA

    Copper is an essential element in the wound healing process and, in the PCA composition, acts as a humectant to retain moisture at the skins surface.

    Salts are most commonly used in skin scrubs, wraps and cleansers.

    Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

    When choosing salty skin care, where the salt comes from makes a difference (as does how it processed). Sea salts that are sun-dried have the highest concentration of other minerals, and none more so than Dead Sea salt. Salt that comes from the Dead Sea contains a number of skin health-enhancing minerals, including:

      • Bromide has a calming effect
      • Calcium strengthens cell membranes for improved integrity of the skin barrier
      • Iodine facilitates cellular metabolism
      • Magnesium facilitates healing and promotes allergy resistance
      • Potassium helps regulate moisture retention
      • Sulfur detoxifies
      • Zinc protects skin and boosts immune function


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