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    It's Nice Outside, But Should I Go Outside with My Dry Skin?

    Finally, daily temperatures are warm enough to venture outside in a single layer and maybe a revealing one, at that. While it feels good to bask in the sun, it that a good idea for dry skin?

    At Hale Cosmeceuticals, dry skin should never dictate your summer plans. We have the skincare tips you need to keep dry skin hydrated indoors and out.

    What You Need to Know about Your Ambient Climate

    People with dry skin know that the indoor climate in winter can be just as harsh as the wind and chill outside. The same can also be true in the summer. Here's why:

    • Air conditioning dries out the air. If you live in a home and/or work in a building cooled by refrigerated air (air conditioning), the cooling process zaps moisture out of the air. Indoor climates are slightly drier skin-friendly if an evaporative cooler is used but only slightly.
    • Ambient moisture outside is highly variable based on where you live, the time of day and current weather patterns.

    Really, it boils down to this: no matter where you live, if you have dry skin, you need to replenish moisture to your skin whether you spend most of your time inside or outside.

    The Summer Dry Skin Challenge

    Although the need for hydration doesn't change with the seasons, the products that you use to achieve optimal moisture will, because with summer's heat comes a new skincare challenge increased sweating. Having skincare products that are non-comedogenic is essential to minimize breakouts.

    Recommendations for Dry Skin Care in the Summer

    There are many variable factors that affect your skin's hydration. You can't control all of them, but you can control how you care for your skin. For optimal hydration without increased breakouts during the summer, try:

    1. Switching your moisturizing cream to a lighter, water-based lotion (yes, even for dry skin) like our Soft Finishing Moisturizer
    2. Moisturizing between morning and evening cleanses. With the right serums and lotions as bases for your makeup, your skin can soak up all the benefits of a light mid-day mist without having to remove or redo your makeup.
    3. Replenishing depleted moisture at the end of the day by using a moisture-retaining serum before bed, like our Dermist M3HA.

    Always remember to apply sun protection, too. Burned skin cannot absorb moisture effectively, preventing hydration from penetrating deeper to new skin cells."

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