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    Every year we as a nation (and a global community) observe April 22nd as Earth Day but we know that to really make a positive difference to our planet's health, every day must be Earth Day. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, there are a number of things we do every day in order to be your earth-friendly skin health company.

    No Boxes

    Recently, Hale Cosmeceuticals took a big step toward sustainability we stopped putting everything in boxes. Of course, your quality skin care products will be shipped in a box, but when you open it, you'll notice a shocking lack of cardboard.

    By eliminating boxes, we are saving 12.5 tons of cardboard from being added to landfills each year. That means that we are also freeing up 41.25 cubic yards of landfill space and saving 213 trees! And by eliminating cardboard, we are also eliminating our dependence on 575 gallons of oil and 87,500 gallons of water every year.

    No Animal Testing

    We share the planet with millions of species of animals some cuddly, some not-so-cuddly but necessary to their ecosystems nonetheless. Our need for quality skin care cannot come at their expense. That's why Hale Cosmeceuticals has always been committed to humane skin care product development. We perform our own research and development to formulate and refine our products, but they have never and never will be tested on animals.

    No Crazy Chemicals

    Nature provides a number of mechanisms to protect herself and preserve the delicate balances needed to sustain life. For instance, plants contain phytochemicals to protect them from the sun. Other compounds retain moisture and preserve adequate hydration. Instead of trying to recreate what Nature has already provided, we use naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients as much as possible.

    No Compromise

    You don't have to choose between the best quality skin health products or skin health products from an earth-friendly company. When you select any Hale Cosmeceuticals product, you get both. Our mission is to make high quality skin care affordable, but we are also committed to making sure that quality and affordability do not come at the cost of sustainability.

    To find the skin care products that are right for your skin type, skin care goals and your green-consciousness, call us! 1-800-951-7005


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