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    Earth-Friendly Skin Care

    Sunday, April 22nd was the 42nd annual observation of Earth Day. Every Earth Day (and hopefully more frequently than that), we reflect on the state of our planet and resolve to take better care of our natural resources.

    Moving toward sustainable living now requires more than just separating your plastics, glass and metal into their appropriate recycling bins. To really protect the planet, we need to constantly be aware of what we're leaving behind or letting go down the drains. That makes your choice in beauty products and opportunity to be earth-friendly. But among the thousands of skin care products, which ones are earth-friendly and still work? When products claim to be earth-friendly, what does that mean, anyway? While we can't answer for anyone else, here's how Hale Cosmeceuticals provides earth-friendly skin care:

    Our Products are Plant-Based

    Our active ingredients:

    • The Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
    • The antioxidants

    they're all derived from plants! From grape seed extracts to sea vegetables, our products rely on renewable plant sources.

    Our Products are Paraben-Free

    You may know that parabens are bad for you they are endocrine disruptors and have been linked so some cancers. But the same ill effects parabens have on humans are experienced by other animals.When paraben-containing beauty products are washed down the drain, the parabens enter the water system, and they aren't completely removed through wastewater treatment. That means that parabens are getting into freshwater streams and rivers, disrupting the systems of fish, frogs, and everything else that calls freshwater ecosystems home.

    Our Products are Animal-Friendly

    Part of being earth-friendly is being friendly with the other creatures who share the planet. Hale Cosmeceuticals is committed to being animal-friendly, so we never test our products on animals.

    Our Commitment to Sustainability

    Hale Cosmeceuticals is always looking for more way to make our business and our products more sustainable. Recently, we changed our shipping methods to reduce the amount of materials (especially cardboard) that could potentially end up in landfills.If you have an idea for how we can be even more Earth-friendly, please let us know!"

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