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    Easy Skincare Routines for Busy Days

    By now, summer vacation is a fading memory. Busy work and school days lie ahead as far as you can see. If that means late nights and/or early mornings, you may be looking for ways to simplify your skin care. Hale Cosmeceuticals can help by providing the tips and the products to keep your skin healthy in 3 easy steps.

    Step 1: Cleanse

    You simply cannot skip the daily removal of makeup, dirt and oil. While cleansing wipes seem to provide an easier cleansing ritual, they just don't work as well. So, every day, you need to wash your face with a mild cleanser, like Dermist, and lukewarm water. But unless you have some particularly stubborn eye makeup, this step will likely take less than 2 minutes. Pat dry to finish.

    Step 2: Treat

    Busy-ness should be no excuse to not take care of yourself, so take another 2½ minutes to apply your spot treatments.  Apply as directed and move on to Step 3.

    Step 3: Moisturize

    The key to youthful-looking, radiant skin is delivering the hydration and nutrients it needs, and that can be done with one quality moisturizer (preferably a cream for the fall and winter months, a lotion in the summer). The moisturizer you need for a simplified yet effective skincare routine depends on your skin type and skincare goals. You may notice that an easy skincare routine is really just a normal skincare routine. What makes it easy is the use of quality products formulated for your skin type and formulated to work together for best results. To get the quality products tailored to meet your skincare goals, contact us.

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