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    Enjoy the Summer Sun Safely!

    Sunscreen is one of the most important parts of enjoying your summer without paying for the time in the sun later. Proper usage of sunscreen means multiple applications and using liberal amounts to ensure your skin is fully protected.

     Think about that. With all of the chemicals that are in many sunscreen products, do you really want to be putting it on your skin several times a day in large amounts?

    Vegan, Cruelty-Free Sunscreen

    Did you know that oxybenzone can be irritating to your skin? It's also an ingredient in many sunscreens. Hale Cosmeceuticals looks for naturally occurring substances that will provide the same protection as many chemicals without the side effects. Instead of homosalate or avobenzone, we use alumina, titanium dioxide and xanthan gum. All of our ingredients are naturally occurring substances or chemicals rather than commercially produced chemicals. Our Complexion Protection is a sunscreen with SPF 35+ that will keep your skin from suffering sun damage without dealing with layers of extraneous chemicals. Naturally sourced, vegan and cruelty-free, this sunscreen is suitable for almost anyone to use as liberally as they need.

    A Little Extra Protection

    One of the worst parts about summer is trying to keep your makeup from smearing or melting. When the heat kicks up, our sweat glands kick in. And it's often a struggle to keep the fresh summer look from being ruined. It doesn't help keep skin healthy to continually layer on foundation either. This is why we created the BB Cream. A tinted moisturizer with titanium dioxide, this cream is lightweight to wear. With the skin conditioning effects it has, this keeps your skin fresh all day, whether worn alone or as a base beneath your daily makeup. With a SPF 20+ rating, this is the perfect sunscreen for mild periods of sun exposure.

    You can be protected and beautiful without worrying about reapplying something that will ruin your look. Interested in more vegan, cruelty-free products that will help you keep that fresh, summer look even when fall approaches? Check out the rest of what we have at Hale Cosmeceuticals.

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