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    Exfoliating Toners- Why You Need One!

    If you haven’t already made an exfoliating toner a permanent part of your skincare, you should consider doing so now! Keep reading to discuss about the positive impact of using this product.

    We all commonly use cleansers on a daily basis, we are exposed to pollution, we use makeup, and encounter so many more environmental stressors to the skin. As a result of this practice, the pH level of the skin on most people can hover around 6-8 (alkaline). Our skin is intended to be slightly acidic, around pH 4.5-5.5. This is precisely why we must include an exfoliating toner in our skincare regime, to balance the pH.

    The skin pH level is reflective of how optimally on poorly your skin’s barrier is performing. A higher than normal pH has been associated with acne, dermatitis, and dry skin. A slightly acidic pH is critical to maintain the "acid mantle," or protective layer of our skin. 

    The primary purpose of an exfoliating toner is to restore your skin’s acidity level. But apart from this, there are several other skin benefits of an exfoliating toner. Let’s learn about those below.

    Benefits of Using an Exfoliating Toner

    The primary benefit of an exfoliating toner for the skin is how it restores the acidity level to balance the skin’s pH. However, it also does many other things, including clearing breakouts, fading hyper pigmentation, brightening the skin and purifying pores.

    There are certain noteworthy elements in an exfoliating toner that helps bring the improvements we seek. Some of the most common and active ingredients include:

    • Chemical acids, such as poly hydroxyl acids (PHAs), beta hydroxyl acids (BHAs), or alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs).
    • Fruit sourced enzymes, such as from papaya, pineapple or pumpkin

    When these components combine in a toner, they slough the dead cells away on your skin, removing dulling cells and also unclogging your pores. Moreover, the toner continues to clear excess sebum while promoting favorable cell turnover to improve complexion and leave the skin soft and smooth.

    Some of the highest quality toners also include poly hydroxyl, beta and alpha acids that further smoothen and nourish your skin. They conduct important processes including cutting through bacteria and oil in your pores and skin resurfacing.

    When all these processes occur, your skin’s pH level restores to the ideal acidity level. As per research, the ideal pH level for a healthy skin is generally below or at 5.

    Benefits of using a PHA Toner

    When we talk about how beneficial an exfoliating toner is for your skin, it is imperative to mention a PHA toner here. Poly-hydroxy acids (PHAs) are one of the hottest trending products in skincare currently.

    If you looked up research, you’d understand why skincare enthusiasts are rushing to stock up on PHA toners. The fact is that PHA acid has hydrating powers in addition to exfoliating, and can give the regeneration process of our skin cells a vital boost. Polyhydroxy acids are larger molecules than traditional AHAs or BHAs, which means they are more gentle exfoliants as they absorb more slowly and more superficial.

    With time and regular use, you may notice a visible decrease in the wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Being a chemical exfoliant, a PHA toner will also help rid your skin of dull-looking and deal cells. It will actively control and clear hyper pigmentation, boost healthier cells and smoothen your skin’s texture.

    If you combine these qualities of a PHA toner with its hydrating powers, you can guess the massive advantage your skin will enjoy. Moreover, a PHA toner builds the protective barrier function of your skin, further supporting its health.

    In addition, this toner also locks the moisture in your skin, while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It has several other beneficial ingredients too, including antioxidant properties. The latter is another bonus inclusion because it protects your skin against UV damage while undoing damage from the same.

    With PHA inclusion in a toner, the end result is even better. The reason is that PHA facilitates active penetration of other ingredients in the toner. It also increases protection for the skin against damages from free radicals to skin cells and collagen from pollution.

    Final Thoughts

    An exfoliating toner helps clear dead skin cells, restore the skin’s ideal acidity level and consequentially the appropriate pH level for you. All these three functions are extremely vital for the optimal health of skin. Often people note their skin lacking vitality while showing patches, unevenness and even flakiness.

    Check out the Hale Cosmeceuticals 10% PHA Toner with Polyglutamic Acid. This gentle exfoliating toner will help you balance the pH of your skin, exfoliate, and also hydrate to help your skin look soft and supple! Call us at 1-800-951-7005 for more information!

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