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    The Hottest Fall Beauty Trends

    The change of seasons brings a change in hair and makeup looks. And this season's change is all about YOU using bold colors to express your true self.

    Eye Makeup Trends

    On the runways this fall models showcased a number of ways to play with color to draw attention to your eyes, including:

    • Powder blue (or other favorite pastel) eyeshadow - There's no need to restrict yourself to colors that complement your iris. When it comes to selecting your eyeshadow shade, anything's game. However, you may have to mix a few shades (think white and/or silver) to get the perfect pastel for your lids.
    • Color-blocked or layered color eye liner and/or eyeshadow - Try dual-toned liner, including playful shades like fuchsia, along the top lash line. You may also want to play with a vibrant line of orange or teal above your lash line to complement your pastel shadow.
    • Metallic accents - A little glitter on the upper lid to enhance sparkle is all the rage.
    • All-around black liner - Say good-bye to painstakingly crafted smoky eyes. This fall, use your liner to enhance the outline of your eyes all the way around...and no need to keep the lines too neat.
    • Full bottom lashes - Apply an extra coat of mascara to your bottom lashes, or, better yet, after plumping and darkening, separate bottom lashes into stylistic sections.

    After seasons of au naturale, this season's eye trends may seem bizarre, but they encourage playfulness and experimentation with color.

    Lip Trends

    Two major lip trends are emerging this fall:

    • Vampy lips - Think dark, matte shades like berry and plum for your lip color.
    • Just-kissed lips - Throw out the lip liner and smudge your lip color for a just-been-kissing look. A dab of makeup remover in the middle of your lips can lighten the color in the middle for a different way to achieve the after-makeout look.

    There is very little glossiness in this season's lip looks, so applying moisturizer below lip color may help prevent cracking or caking.

    Hairstyle Trends

    Where eyes and lips seem to encourage double-takes, hairstyle trends are tamer. The in looks this fall include:

    • Just-washed hair - Clean is in, and with it, natural air-dried waves.
    • Blunt bob cuts - The ideal length is somewhere below the chin and above your shoulders unless you're more daring and want to try the boyish bowl cut.
    • Black ribbon accents - Black ribbons as headbands or ponytail holders are easy ways to dress-up your do.
    • Small face-framing braids - Since you've put so much effort into coloring your eyes, make it even more eye-catching with small braids that fall around your face.

    If you want to color your hair for a new look this season, like with eyes, think bold colors.


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