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    Fall Skincare Tips

    As the fall season approaches, most of us are eager to bid goodbye to scorching temperatures and unbearable humidity levels. While cozy sweaters and mugs of hot chocolate sound very enticing, the dry skin is an entirely different unpleasant story.

    None of us like the tightness that comes with dry skin in cooler months but that’s the downside of the season. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips we can use to swap our skincare practices for the cooler months and make them more fall-friendly.

    Here are all the tips you need to maintain your skin’s glow all through fall and colder days.

    1.     Swap Body and Face Cleaners

    During the humid summer months, we use body and face cleaners that are appropriate for oily skin. They help keep the sheen off but they’re not suitable products for fall, when the dry season could combine to dehydrate our skin.

    Hence, the first thing to do is to swap your body and skin products that have a creamy base and promise gentle hydration and moisturizing. This swap is essential for softer and suppler skin for the cooler season.

    2.     Dry Air- Beware

    As fall sets in, it is necessary to switch on the heating units to stave off the cold. Now while the artificial heating inside can keep you warm, snug and cozy, it is damaging for your skin and complexion. There cannot be an alternative for the artificial heating systems at work and home because you can’t brave the freezing temperatures for skin’s sake.

    But what you can do is to minimize the damage from the heating system sucking moisture out of the indoor air. First, install a humidifier in your home that prevents the air from turning too dry indoors. Second, moisturize away: there’s no skimping on this in fall.

    3.     Reduce Exfoliation

    Drier temperatures in fall can be potentially irritating for sensitive skins. If you have it, then it is more necessary to tread lightly. Try to avoid potential irritants like beta hydroxy acids, alpha hydroxyl acids, toners and retinoid.

    Drier months can cause the skin to inflame too easily, which is why skin experts recommend cutting down on exfoliation. At the most, exfoliate physically or chemically just once or twice a week. Also remember to get a milder exfoliant for fall.

    4.     SPF Protection- Don’t Forget it

    As the summer heat recedes and temperatures cool down, we mistakenly assume there’s no more need for SPF protection. You couldn’t be more misled here because hotter days may end in fall but the need to protect your skin against UV rays is ever constant.

    There’s no time of the year when you don’t need a sunscreen, including fall. Hence, a great idea is to get a daily moisturizer for fall that includes a sunscreen. Look for SPF15 or higher in your fall product.

    5.     Serums

    It never hurts to go the extra mile when it means extra glow, softness and suppleness of your skin. Serums are that one essential extra mile you need to cover for your skin preps for fall. When skin dehydration becomes more likely during the drier days, an extra layer of nourishing serum will keep it radiant.

    Serums are wonderful skin products on drier days because they replenish the moisture you lose and also hydrate skin for long term. If it promises plumper and smoother skin, why hesitate to get it for fall? It is best to apply a layer of serum on damp skin after you have cleansed it. Only make sure to apply the product before the moisturizer.

    Final Thoughts

    Fall promises an end to steaming humidity and scorching days. While we eagerly welcome the earlier sunsets and cooler temps, the drier air of the season is not that friendly to our skin.

    To help keep your skin healthy and glowing through the seasonal changes, it is important to make a couple of necessary changes to the skincare routine. While the tweaks may be easier than you think, the benefits will sure be wholly pleasing and satisfactory for your skin.

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