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    Fresh, Summer Skin

    When it's time for summer fun and barbeques, the last thing you want to do is be outside in heat with layers of heavy makeup. Covering up fine lines and sun damage with foundation clogs your pores and how often does it last while you're enjoying the summer heat? Hale Cosmeceuticals has an alternative to give you fresh, summer-ready skin that will be beautiful indoors and out.

     Royal Silhouette

    Youthful skin doesn't need makeup or shading in order to look fresh and beautiful. The Royal Silhouette stimulates cell regeneration, tightens and refines pores, helps with inflammation and provides gentle moisture to your skin. This natural resurfacing helps plump skin and smooth out areas with fine lines and crow's feet. A healthy glow and firm surfaces to the skin create a youthful look without the heavy application of makeup. Light and hydrating, the Royal Silhouette is a simple addition to your routine that will let you enjoy summer activities without the discomfort of layers of thick, pore-clogging makeup.

    Sub-Cu Glycine Glow

    Are you looking for a stronger way to smooth away those crow's feet? The Sub-Cu Glycine Glow can supplement the Royal Silhouette, improving the appearance of neck and jaw line areas. Tightening sagging skin and filling in fine lines presents a more youthful look, and these options are all non-invasive and cruelty-free. Enjoy your summer skin without worrying about losing melting makeup or appearing haggard. With a regular routine of Hale Cosmeceuticals, skin can remain taut and smooth, with a youthful glow that has nothing to do with sun exposure. Check out our other skin care products! Summer skin is firm, fresh and youthful, not burnt! 

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