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    Daily Skin Care Routine for Glowing Skin

    The more dedicated you are to taking care of your skin, the better it will look now and in the future. Proper care requires developing a consistent skin care routine. Along with using the appropriate products for your skin type, you must also perform your skin care ritual on a daily basis. Here are a few steps to take to get a beautiful, glowing complexion.

    Figure Out Your Skin Type

    Most people have dry, oily, or normal skin. It's also possible to have combination skin, which means some areas are too dry while others are too oily. You may even struggle with sensitive skin, in which case redness and irritation occur frequently.You probably already have an idea of your skin type. For example, if you experience a shiny forehead and chin on a regular basis, your skin produces too much oil. If your face feels tight and itchy after washing it, your skin is too dry. If you're prone to regular redness and breakouts, especially after using harsh cleansers, you have sensitive skin.

    Cleanse Twice a Day

    Make sure you're using a cleanser suited to your skin type for the best results. For instance, people with sensitive skin should look for a cleanser free of artificial dyes and perfumes. A foaming cleanser works well for oily skin, while heavier formulas infuse dry skin with moisture while cleaning.To prevent clogged pores and other issues, cleanse your skin once in the morning and once at night. When washing your face, rub the formula over your skin in gentle, circular motions. Pulling and tugging on the skin can actually increase lines and wrinkles over time.

    Moisturize Your Skin

    You must have a good moisturizer in your arsenal, regardless of your skin type. Using a light, water-based moisturizer is best for oily skin, as it will hydrate your face without clogging you pores. If your skin becomes too dry, glands will produce more oil to make up for the dryness.If you have dry skin, look for an oil-based cream to act as a protective barrier. It will also lock moisture into the skin to keep you looking smooth and supple all day long. There are also sensitive skin formulas that hydrate the skin without causing redness.

    Wear Sunscreen

    Sunscreen isn't just for the summer months. It should be worn whenever you plan on spending a substantial time outdoors in the sunshine. Sunscreen reduces your risk of skin cancer, but it also wards off issues like age spots and wrinkles. Be sure to choose a brand with an SPF of 30 or greater and reapply sunscreen every two hours when outside.Skin care products should make you feel good, inside and out. Hale Cosmeceuticals develops cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens using extensive research to ensure they're effective. We also insist on using animal-free testing methods for every product we develop. Contact us today to place an order and begin your new skin care regimen.  

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