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    Hale Cosmeceuticals is There for You!

    Have you ever called to order something you found online only to get lost in a phone system maze? Did you ever talk to a human?

    And what about once the product arrived was it broken or not what you thought? Did you have to press for option 2, then option 3, then option 1 only to have horrible on hold music blasting in your ear?

    How frustrating! Hale Cosmeceuticals understands. We know how valuable your time is and how frustrating it is to get transferred and put on hold just to get what you already paid for. That's why at Hale Cosmeceuticals, we do things the old-fashioned way: one-on-one, you talking to another human.

    Your Order Experience You might notice that www.halecosmeceuticals.com doesn't have a shopping cart anywhere on the site. That's because we want to talk to you! Buying quality skin care products shouldn't be a sterile experience just a click and a credit card number field. It's a chance for us to give you even more information the product you're ordering answer your questions and if you want to recommend other products that will enhance your skin care efforts. As long as we receive your order by 3:30 pm Central Time we'll ship it the same day. If we receive your call after that it will go out first thing the next morning! You'll have your Hale Cosmeceuticals skin care products in 3-5 business days.

    Your Order Mishap Experience We do our best to explain our products function and benefits our website. And we do our best to package them carefully. But every once in a while something goes awry. The product just isn't what you expected or it arrived broken.

    Call us! A real live person is always waiting to take your call at Hale Cosmeceuticals. If your order is wrong doesn't work with your skin type is broken etc. we are happy to help. In most cases we can get you the right product out the same day. If you need it in less than 3-5 business days we'll overnight it.

    Your Follow-up Whether you are a first-time customer or you regularly purchase quality Hale Cosmeceuticals products we want to make sure you're happy. We will follow-up with you a few days after your order to make sure it arrived and answer any new questions you may have. If there's every anything you need in the meantime please call us! There's no press 1 for options or extensions to remember€¦just a friendly real Hale Cosmeceuticals staff member waiting to talk to you!' "

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