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    Why Hale Cosmeceuticals™ Products Really Work

    At Hale Cosmeceuticals, our mission is to provide innovative skincare products that are safe, effective and a good value for your money. In short, our products deliver visible results. How do we do it?

    In-House Research and Development

    At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we don't cut corners to save money, and that means we do not outsource our research and development. All of our research is done in-house by bona fide, experienced scientists. Our formulas are our own, and the science behind them is state-of-the-art.

    Because we personally develop all of our products, we understand their ingredients and how the skincare technologies work. This puts us ahead of the curve when it comes to quality control because we know how active ingredients need to be processed and preserved to ensure optimal potency once it reaches your skin.

    Naturally-Derived Ingredients

    While on the lookout for new skincare technologies and ingredients, we stand firm in our commitment to environmental sustainability. We formulate our products using high-quality ingredients that include sustainably grown botanicals. No product contains animal-derived ingredients or harmful synthetic chemicals like parabens. We adhere to humane product testing.

    In-House Production

    Just like our R & D, our production is done in-house, too. Keeping production local in the US allows us to maintain tight control over product and process quality. It also allows us to minimize time products are in storage before shipping, so they are nowhere near their Best By date by the time they reach you.


    Hale Cosmeceuticals has been in the skincare industry for more than 20 years. And through the years, we've earned nd maintained reputation for innovation, quality and dependability.

    Learn more about us online and learn more about the quality skincare products formulated just for you. Take our personal skin assessment and contact us to order today.

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