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    Perfect Your Halloween Look with Cruelty-Free Makeup

    "Hale Cosmeceuticals formulates an entire skincare line to cleanse, moisturize and boost skin health without animal testing. Although makeup is not part of our product lineup, we do encourage you to seek cruelty-free makeup products when creating your Boo-tiful look this Halloween.

    What Makes Makeup Cruelty-Free

    Any cruelty-free product at minimum must be produced without Hale Cosmeceuticals doesn't do makeup, but we do recommend brands that formulate cruelty-free makeup to perfect your Halloween costume. animal testing. However, most consumers and companies have a higher standard for cruelty-free that entails ingredient lists that are free of animal products/byproducts. As a result, most cruelty-free makeup lines are vegan. Where animal-based ingredients are used (and plant-based alternatives aren't available or of too low quality), manufacturers adhere to policies that ensure humane animal treatment in the collection of those ingredients.

    Cruelty-Free Brands Fit for Costuming

    You do not have to look too hard for cruelty-free makeup for your costume. Finding the right brand really comes down to the effect you're trying to create and the shades you want to use. For hardcore costumers, you may prefer cruelty-free brands of makeup intended for theatrical use, such as:

    • Cinema Secrets their Halloween-related products include latex applications and zombie kits.
    • Kryolan in addition to special effects makeup, they also have cruelty-free makeup removal products.
    • Mehron their lineup includes a wide range of Halloween makeup kits and special effects products.
    • Premier Products, Inc. check out their Fleet Street line of blood and grunge products for gory and/or grimy costuming.

    Nearly all of these makeup brands offer kits for popular Halloween costumes, like vampires, zombies, elves, witches and clowns. For Halloween party-goers who may want to use their cruelty-free makeup for non-costume purposes later, there are a number of retail lines that offer the bold, rich and exotic colors you need for Halloween festivities, including:

    Your own makeup may be cruelty-free, too. Read product ingredients and research your makeup brands to learn more about how their formulas are made."

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