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    Harnessing the Power of Fruit with our Marula Enzyme Mask

    Many of today's skin care products are full of artificial ingredients and impure derivatives. But who needs them when nature provides so many skin health powerhouses? In our drive to stay on the cutting edge of skin care technology yet remain a humane skin health company, Hale Cosmeceuticals has found the latest ingredient to help you rejuvenate and restore your skin and you can find it in our Marula Enzyme Mask with Papain.

    Introducing the Marula Fruit

    Known as the Golden Fruit of East Africa, the marula fruit has been used for the past 10,000 years for dietary, medicinal and health purposes. It contains four times more vitamin C than a grapefruit and that makes it an excellent candidate for skin repair. We've been able to harness the benefits of this fruit's natural oils and edible pulp, creating a rejuvenating facial mask.

    The Marula Enzyme Mask with Papaya

    The Marula Enzyme Mask is a well balanced treatment because it both clears away dead skin cells and enhances circulation and hydration to reveal a nourished radiant complexion. Here's how:

    Marula Oil contains skin-nourishing proteins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.  It reduces redness and hydrates for a softer, suppler texture.  Marula oil is easily absorbed by the skin, making it a potent topical skin care ingredient.

    Hyaluronic Acid is a protein that binds 1000 times its weight in water. It acts as a hydration reservoir, locking moisture into the skin, plumping skin cells for a fuller, firmer texture.

    Papain is an enzyme known for its effective exfoliative properties. It facilitates the skin cell turnover process.

    Niacin is one of the B vitamins. Its vasodilation properties help to improve skin color, and it a component or agent in a number of coenzymes and molecular processes essential to optimal skin health.

    Marula Enzyme Mask is potent yet gentle enough for use one to two times per week. To get the skin health benefits:

    1. Gently cleanse; then, smooth an ample amount of the mask on your face, avoiding your eyes.
    2. Leave the mask on for ten minutes (reduce to five minutes if you have sensitive skin*).
    3. Rinse mask with lukewarm water. Pat dry and moisturize.

    *We recommend a patch test before first application on any skin type. Explore the skin health benefits of the Golden Fruit of East Africa! Call us (1-800-951-7005) to order your Marula Enzyme Mask today!"

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