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    Winter Hair Care Tips for Lush, Healthy Locks Through the Holidays

    It's common knowledge that the cold, dry air of the winter months can wreak havoc on your complexion, but did you know that it can also cause damage to your hair? If you didn't, you're not alone. However, lack of knowledge doesn't mean you shouldn't take steps to keep your locks, and your scalp, healthy throughout the season. Read on for 7 steps you can take to prevent winter hair damage.

    1. Buy a Humidifier

    The dry winter air, combined with indoor heating, can zap the moisture right out of your hair. To combat the effects of the environment, invest in a humidifier. This handy device can help your locks retain their natural moisture and keep them looking lush and healthy.

    1. Skip the Shampoo

    You probably already know that it's not healthy for your hair to shampoo daily. That said, if you normally go two days between washing, extend it to three or four. Washing less is especially helpful for individuals who develop dandruff during the colder months.

    1. Switch to an Oil-Based Moisturizer

    Blasts of cold, icy air are not good for any hair type. Whether your hair is curly, straight, fine, thick or a mixture of all of the above, it can benefit from a heavy-duty moisturizer. Oil-based moisturizers evaporate more slowly and therefor provide longer protection.

    1. Cover Up

    Dry air, wind, snow and rain can all rob your hair of its moisture. Whether you plan to play in the snow or simply need to run from point A to point B, cover your hair with a hat or hood. However, be wary about the type of coverage you choose. Cotton, wool and other thick fabrics can cause breakage. Either buy a hat made of silk or satin or line your favorite beanie with a silky material. Don't want to deal with the static that those materials cause? Spritz a bit of dry oil onto the lining of your hat to prevent static. As a bonus, dry oils are weightless and contain natural oils that moisturize the hair and restore shine.

    1. Avoid Heat Styling

    Heat styling is extremely damaging your hair at any time of the year, but when it's constantly thirsty for moisture, heat can be even more harmful. Letting your hair dry naturally is best. If you don't have time to let your hair air dry before heading out the door in the morning, consider switching your shower time to the evening.

    1. Use Weekly Hair Masks

    Despite your best efforts, you may still find that your locks are prone to dryness and breakage. Hair masks serve to reverse the effects of dryness and ensure that the hair is protected from outside factors. Hair masks are also packed with a ton of nutrients that help to hydrate and soften the locks and add shine.

    1. Get Regular Trims

    Regardless of your best intentions, you may notice that the ends of your hair are brittle and broken. Regular trims can keep your hair looking healthy and keep split ends from traveling farther up the strand and causing even more damage."

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