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    Your Checklist for Healthy Skin in 2019

    You may be born with healthy skin, but maintaining it takes work. If you want to improve your skin's tone, texture, elasticity and resistance to infection, here's what you need and need to do all year long (and beyond).

    What You Need (Products)

    To improve and maintain optimal skin health, you need:

    • Cleanser
      Everyone needs to cleanse their face no exceptions. What may vary is the frequency with which you need to cleanse (once or twice daily) and what type of cleanser you use.

      Choose a product formulated for your skin type dry/sensitive or oily.

      If you are prone to dryness and/or sensitivity, you may consider reducing cleansing frequency to just a nightly wash and a quick splash in the morning. This may help you retain more of your body's natural oils that help lock in hydration.

      If you are prone to oiliness/acne, you may also want to add a toner to help dry up excess oil and tighten up pores to minimize breakouts.
    • Moisturizer
      All skin needs moisture. To find the right product, you need to figure out why.

      If your skin is dehydrated, you need a product that helps restore moisture at a deeper level and protects your skin's water space.

      If your skin is dry or balanced, you need to minimize evaporation at the surface.

      Learn more about the difference between dry and dehydrated skin here and how to select a moisturizer to suit your skin's need.
    • Repair
      If you have mature skin and/or your lifestyle involves regular exposure to the sun (UV radiation) or other toxins, you may need intensive free radical neutralization i.e., antioxidant treatments.

      There are a variety of methods to deliver potent doses of antioxidants to your skin spot treatments, serums, lotions. Choose what best fits in your skincare regimen and promises the best results.


    Please keep in mind, for healthy skin, these are the basics. To ensure best absorption, you may also consider an exfoliating product to regularly slough away dead skin cells.

    What You Need to Do (Self-Care Activities)

    Healthy skin is not an outside-only job. In other words, you can't achieve and maintain healthy skin by applying topical products only. Your skin's health is a product of your overall health, so you need whole-person care. The self-care practices that will bestow the most noticeable benefits on your skin include:

      • Adequate sleep
        Experts recommend at least seven hours each night for optimal health. If you get adequate sleep, the skin benefits will be visible right away in the reduction of under-eye circles and puffiness.
      • Balanced diet
        Everyone's nutritional needs are different, but just about everyone could benefit from fewer carbs, less sugar and more fresh veggies. Your doctor can help you determine how to balance your diet and supplement when necessary. The skin benefits may take longer to notice, but you will likely experience a more balanced complexion, improved healing and reduced sensitivity.
      • Adequate hydration
        Eight 8-oz glasses of water each day is the rule of thumb for optimal water intake. You can also eat your water by consuming foods with high water content (hint: they're not carb-heavy). Like adequate sleep, your skin may respond quickly to increased hydration, so you may soon notice the return of a youthful suppleness and corresponding diminishing of lines and wrinkles.
      • Exercise
        Exercise increases circulation and respiration, two processes by which your body transports and excretes toxins including toxins from your skin.


    Lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking and managing stress, will only enhance the health benefits of all other self-care practices for faster, more noticeable health and skin health results.

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