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    Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

    If you're like most people, you struggle with dry skin during the winter months. Good skin care, which entails creating a barrier against frigid conditions, is more important than ever. Taking the following steps ensures you remain healthy and hydrated, no matter the weather outside.

    Don't Take Hot Baths and Showers

    Hot water causes skin to dry out. When combined with winter weather, you'll find your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable after an ultra-hot shower. Take warm showers instead and develop a moisturizing routine to be completed immediately after bathing.

    Use a Moisturizer

    If you experience dry skin in general, cold winter air will make it even worse. Cream moisturizers are crucial this time of year, as their thicker formulas create a barrier on the skin to ward off irritation. Make sure your hands and face are both protected with moisturizer. Also, look for a brand that offers sun protection.

    Wear a Scarf and Gloves

    Wearing a scarf and gloves not only keeps you warm and comfortable. It also prevents your skin from being deprived of moisture by the bitter winter air. A scarf and gloves also keep your moisturizer intact, so it continues to offer protection long after it's been applied. 

    Find a Good Lip Balm

    As air temperatures drop, so does the humidity level. Along with drying out the rest of your skin, cold temperatures also dry out your lips. Lip balm with healing ingredients like beeswax and camphor keeps your lips free of cracks and irritation. It can also protect against sun exposure when you choose a brand with SPF.

    Invest in a Humidifier

    Dry air is especially bothersome in the home when using your furnace on a regular basis. A humidifier can infuse the air in your home with much-needed moisture, which can also make for healthier skin and hair. You can install a whole-home humidifier, or just purchase a portable one for your bedroom.Selecting the right skin care products also protects your skin during the winter months. Hale Cosmeceuticals has developed a variety of moisturizers to keep skin hydrated all year long. We also offer sun protection made with natural UV blockers, including glycerin, sorbic acid, and alumina.  Place an order by contacting us today. You can also call 1-800-951-7005 for more information.

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