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    How Hale Cosmeceuticals Can Help You in the Workplace

    Although most people are raised to never judge a book by its cover, people judge others based on their appearance all the time unconsciously. People make inferences about what they can't see a person's character and values based on what they can see their looks. So, the appearance of your skin can actually affect the opinions others form about you and how they relate to you at work.

    What Your Skin May Be Communicating

    Unconsciously, people make determinations about others' values and personalities based on their skin. For instance:


    Skin Issue


    Workplace Assumption

    Too much makeup

    You're trying to hide who you are to trying too hard to get others to like you.

    You tell people what they want to hear. Your opinions and feedback cannot be trusted.

    No makeup

    You don't care what you look like.

    You don't care about anything. You may be lazy.


    You do not properly wash your face.

    You do poor quality work.

    Dark circles under your eyes

    You're tired or overly stressed

    You can't handle the job.


    You're embarrassed or sensitive

    You can't handle critical feedback.


    Improve Your Skin Messaging

    While improving the appearance of your skin cannot actually make you better at your job, healthy-looking skin can boost people's perception of you. Hale Cosmeceuticals has a wide array of skincare products that can help you achieve healthier, younger and more even-toned skin.To find the products tailored to your skin type and skin care goals, start by taking our personal skin assessment. When you have your results, browse the product lines designed to help you most. Contact us to order or for more product recommendations.

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