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    How Do Skin Brighteners Work?

    There may be extravagant promises about every lotion, toner and moisturizer on the market, but skin brighteners seem to really push the limit. A product that can reduce dark spots, even out skin tone, reduce inflammation and improve the overall appearance of skin exists? It seems too good to be true, doesn't it?

    Hale Cosmeceuticals knows how wild it sounds but it is possible to get all of that with skin brighteners.

    Do They Really Work? How?

    Skin brighteners work on a chemical level with the physiological structure of your skin. Are you trying to reverse UV damage from working in the garden for too many weekends? Niacinamide - a form of vitamin B3 --specifically hampers the melanin process that causes dark spots.Worried about the overall 'aging' look that can strike from staying up too late to get a project completed? Antioxidants such as vitamin C can reduce the signs of aging or the result of a few sleepless nights by inhibiting the production of free radicals. These little uncharged molecules actually start oxidation which can damage your skin at a cellular level.Dull skin doesn't reflect light very well and dead cells collect on the skin's surface regardless of how much daily washing we do. Exfoliation by incorporating glycolic or lactic acid helps slough off dead skin cells.

    How Long Does the Effect Last?

    We all know that exposure to sunlight without protection causes skin damage. If you've stripped away dead skin cells the last thing you want to do is expose the new cells beneath to UV rays. Exfoliation as part of a regular skin care routine can reduce skin dullness but you have to care for the fresh skin you've revealed.What about those dark spots? The melanin process will automatically resume if you cease using products which contain niacinamide - such as our SB-7 Skin Brightener --because the inhibiting chemical is no longer present.Are you worried about oxidation?

    It's present in everything as oxygen is something we can't avoid contact with and free radicals run rampant. Keeping antioxidants in your skin care and diet are beneficial to your skin and your overall health. Curious about how to structure a regular skin care routine? Get your free personal skin assessment and learn what we can do to help you maintain beautiful skin!'"

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