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    Is Smiling Good for Your Skin?

    Smiling is good for your soul, but what about your face? While it requires less muscular movement to smile than frown, both can cause wrinkles on your skin. So why smile?


    Temporary vs. Permanent Wrinkles

    When it comes to facial wrinkles, there are two types permanent and temporary. Permanent wrinkles appear over time from repeated muscle movements like squinting and frowning. Common places for wrinkles to appear are around the eyes and on the forehead, where the most complex muscle movements happen. For the most part, the wrinkles a smile creates are temporary. When you smile, lines around the eyes, cheeks, and even forehead can become more pronounced. But, when you're smiling, it's hard to tell the difference between temporary and permanent wrinkles.

    Why Smile?

    Well, obviously, there are plenty of things to smile about. In addition to being a natural way to cover up those wrinkles temporarily, smiling has a ton of skin-friendly beauty benefits, including:

    • Stress reduction
    • Makes you look younger
    • Emphasizes cheek bones and lips
    • It feels good
    • Lifts the face
    • It's attractive

    In addition to looking and feeling better, smiling is contagious. With every smile you make, you can brighten someone else's day.

    Anti-Aging Products to Smile About

    While smiling can contribute to wrinkles, including those dreadful smile lines, there is no reason stop. Hale Cosmeceuticals has a full range of anti-aging products to help prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by a lifetime of laughter, including our new Royal Silhouette Serum. Visit our website to view this months anti-aging specials or contact us to learn how we can help you keep looking young with every smile."

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