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    Does Looking Better Make You Feel Better?

    Many say that true beauty comes from within, and it's certainly fact that how we feel on the inside has a great effect on how we think feel and act externally. Self-confidence is more than just thinking you're attractive; it spans deeper into our emotions dreams achievements and more. But our appearance does play a large role in our overall self-image and without a positive one nearly every aspect of our life can suffer.

    There are cultural differences around the world about what makes a person attractive and we all even have our own ideals of what makes us good looking. It's often stressed that looks aren't everything but studies show that having a positive body image and liking our general appearance does have a strong impact on our overall self-esteem. Although there is a hierarchical structure that requires we like more about ourselves than just how we look on the outside to be truly happy having confidence in our appearance and making an effort to look good does affect how we feel overall.

    Our bodies hold our souls and contain the very essence of who we are. It's only natural that we want them to reflect the type of person we yearn to be. This is why self-care and nurturing are essential to a healthy life. Feeling confident may not rest solely in the face we see in the mirror but taking steps to model our bodies in a way we see beautiful can help us feel beautiful on the inside too.'"

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