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    Trending: Makeup and Beauty for Spring and Summer

    Unless you're north of the Arctic Circle, spring has sprung! That means it's time to replace the dark winter shades of your makeup palette with fresh new colors for spring. For 2017, spring beauty trends are all about emphasizing natural beauty.

    It's All about the Glow

    Every model from every fashion house at this year's spring shows wore one thing in common a glowing complexion. While some makeup artists used shimmering products to achieve the glow, most of them opted to simply let the models' natural glow radiate. How do you get your glow? Exfoliate and moisturize. By April, UV intensity is increasing in the northern hemisphere, so chemical peels should be avoided. Microdermabrasion and other gentle manual exfoliation treatments (like our Dermist Exfoliating Cleanser) will slough away the layer of dead cells dulling your complexion. Once you reveal fresher, plumper cells below, you need to bathe them in moisture to maintain volume and health for that springtime glow.

    The Color Scheme and How to Wear It

    Your natural glow is the perfect canvas on which to display nature's springtime color scheme. This season's colors reflect what's naturally blooming:

    • Rosy pinks
    • Bold pinks
    • Reds
    • Peachy orange

    Rosy shades are ideal for the cheeks and nails, and you can't really overdo it. Blush away to highlight your cheekbones. Bold shades pinks, reds and oranges are for the lips. Reds, especially, are best done matte, but the hues bordering the primary color can be worn matte or glossy. For a contrast, especially for evening wear, smoky eyes and bold liner add a made-up flourish to further accentuate your natural glow and bold pink pucker."

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