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    Science of Skincare: Why Your Makeup's SPF Isn't Enough for Sun Protection

    Sun protection is essential to skin health. Unfortunately, most people are probably not getting adequate sun protection on a daily basis, leaving their skin vulnerable to harmful UV radiation and all its ill effects sags, lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and, worst of all, increased risk for some types of skin cancer. Applying makeup with SPF is a good start, but alone, it does not provide adequate protection against sun exposure.

    Built-In SPF Is Usually Inadequate for Effective Sun Protection

    Mineral makeups and other makeup products that contain SPF usually have a maximum sun protection factor of 25. Even if you layer this product on top of a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with additional SPF, which is usually no more than 15, you get a combined SPF of 40. Most skin health experts today recommend SPF 50 or greater for best protection. The only way to get adequate protection is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (ideally a serum for maximum absorption) before applying your makeup.

    One Application Is Not Sufficient for All-Day Protection

    Perhaps even more important than the SPF of makeup is the fact that most people who use SPF-containing makeup as their daily sun protection only apply it once. If you read the directions on any sun protection product, they will tell you to reapply, usually every 2 hours. Sunscreen works by absorbing UV radiation. Its chemical composition has a maximum absorption capacity. In other words, it can't just keep absorbing UV radiation indefinitely. That's why you need to reapply. (That and the fact that much of the product melts or drips away as you sweat.) But how often do you typically reapply makeup each day? For most people, makeup is a once-and-done practice, leaving your skin extremely vulnerable to sun damage by 10 am. Hale Cosmeceuticals has a combination of sun protection products that provides SPF 50 and is noncomedogenic, so it's ideal for application as a makeup base. Contact us to get your Complexion Protection Sunscreen and Beauty Balm Cream for effective sun damage prevention.

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