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    How to Manage Summer Sweat for Clearer Skin

    Summer is acne's favorite season. In addition to heat and humidity, sweat is a major contributor to making sure that blemishes have the perfect conditions to throw some serious wrenches in your plans.

     So what's the best way to stay breakout free this summer? Manage sweat and change up your skin routine so you can prevent pimples before they start.

    Why Sweat Makes You Break Out

    When it's hot outside, you're your body temperature rises due to exercise, your body perspires as a means to cool off. Sweat happens all over the body, including the face. But, it's not the act of sweating that actually leads to breakouts. In fact, it's how the sweat interacts with other irritants that can block pores.Sweat makes your skin moist, making it easier for debris to stick to your skin and get into pores. Also, when sweat lingers on the skin for long periods of time (like in humid conditions), it can facilitate bacteria growth, causing painful pimples and breakouts.

    Stop Sweat from Ruining Your Skin

    Unfortunately, there's no way to just stop sweating. It's an important bodily process that all of us need. Thankfully, though, you can stop sweat from causing acne breakouts on your skin. Here are some tips:

    • Wear loose fitting clothing if you think you will be sweating
    • Take a shower or wash your face after you have been sweating
    • Always use a clean towel to pat sweat from your face
    • Wash your face twice a day
    • Change your pillowcase often and use pillowcases for couch pillows
    • Sanitize your cell phone screen and sunglasses
    • Try not to touch your face and disinfect hands before if you must

    If you are outside a lot this summer or live in a humid climate, it's important to stick to an effective skincare ritual with light moisturizers and oil control. At Hale, we recommend washing your face twice a day and performing a light wash of your problem areas after any sweat inducing activity.To control acne, your skin care ritual should include:

    • Exfoliation and Cleansing use our Dermist Exfoliating Cleanser to exfoliate and clean deep into pores, removing excess oil and acne-causing bacteria.
    • Toning use our Dermist GSL-624 Clarifier to balance pH and rejuvenate skin.
    • Moisturizing use our Re-Fine Milk Lotion with vitamin A to control sebum production and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

    Our Re-Fine Milk Lotion is currently on special. Call Hale Cosmeceuticals today at 1-800-951-7005 to order at a 20% discount!"

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