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    In the Spotlight: Marula Enzyme Mask with Papain

    At the tail-end of winter, short days, dry indoor environments and less-than-healthy holiday eating are likely to have left your skin looking dry and dull. But you can rejuvenate your appearance with a blast of tropically-derived skin care weekly treatments with our Marula Enzyme Mask with Papain.

    Sun-Kissed Fruit Delivers Sun-Kissed Glow

    The main active ingredient in the Marula Enzyme Mask with Papain (marula oil) is derived from the marula fruit, a tropical fruit native to East Africa. This oil has high concentrations of vitamin C (a skin damage-fighting and repairing antioxidant) as well as other proteins, minerals and enzymes that reduce redness and replenish hydration. Plus, marula oil is easily absorbed by your skin, allowing all the skin health-boosting compound to be delivered at their maximum potency. Other active ingredients, including papain and niacin:

    • Encourage natural exfoliation to slough away dead cells that dull your complexion
    • Improve circulation, which enhances your natural color while facilitating the delivery of essential nutrients to the skin and the removal of toxins

    Hyaluronic acid also binds moisture to restore the plump and suppleness of each cell.

    Easy Application

    The Marula Enzyme Mask with Papain does not require professional application and is gentle enough to use up to two times per week. To use the Marula Enzyme Mask:

    1. Gently cleanse your face
    2. Apply a thick layer of the mask to your face and neck, avoiding your eyes
    3. Let the mask remain on your skin for about ten minutes
    4. Gently rinse the mask off using warm water

    You may follow mask application with a light serum or moisturizer.

    Give yourself a springtime glow without waiting for spring time. Contact us to order your Marula Enzyme Mask with Papain today.


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