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    Trending: Microneedling How It Can Improve Your Skin Care Routine

    Technological advances are not limited to skincare products. Skincare procedures are also developed and/or enhanced as new technologies become available, gain approval and grow in popularity. Currently, there's one trending procedure that promises exceptional benefits with virtually no pain and no recovery down time micro needling. But what makes this procedure even better is its potential to boost the effectiveness of your at-home skin care routine.

    What Microneedling Is and How It Works

    Microneedling is a procedure that uses a roller tool covered with small-gauged needles. The tool is rolled across your skin to create miniscule puncture wounds. These tiny perforations incite your body's natural healing processes, which entail collagen production. Increased circulation and collagen production results in firmer skin, more even texture and tone and overall more youthful radiance. Many microneedling procedures also combine other skin enhancing technologies, such as radiofrequency and LED, which can target problematic skin structures or conditions and use other biophysical pathways to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The microneedling procedure takes about 20 minutes, after which there is virtually no recovery. Most people experience local redness that usually dissipates within an hour after the procedure. Most practitioners recommend a series of treatments for best results, which are expected to be most noticeable for about six months.

    How Microneedling Affects Your Skin Care Routine

    Microneedling's effects are amazing. You get noticeable results almost immediately, and they last longer than many other skincare treatments, like masques or microdermabrasion. One reason microneedling may have such long-lasting results is because it can improve the effectiveness of the products you use for at-home skin care. The body's natural healing process enables your skin to better absorb the active ingredients in your skincare products. Here's how:

    • By wounding the uppermost layer of your skin, microneedling stimulates natural exfoliation, which allows topically applied products to reach live, maturing skin cells.
    • Circulation increases at the wound site, and increased blood flow increases absorption rate and capacity.
    • The collagen production stimulated by microneedling is augmented by the collagen production stimulated by advanced skincare technologies.

    Microneedling's potential to improve the effectiveness of your skin care routine will be most keenly realized when you use top-quality skincare products. The advanced skincare formulas from Hale Cosmeceuticals deliver potent doses of naturally derived active ingredients for best results.

    To find the products that best fit your skin type and skin care goals, take our personal skin assessment. Contact us to order or request a sample.


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