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    3 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Moisturizer

    You've put in a lot of effort to find the right moisturizers for your skin type and skincare goals. You've invested your hard-earned money for these products. To get the best results and value, you need to make sure you're applying them correctly.

    Moisturizer Application Tip #1: Apply to Clean, Damp Skin

    Moisturizers are typically formulated with both water and oil components, and often other active ingredients to brighten, repair and protect your skin. For optimal absorption, you need to clear away anything that could get in the way, like:

    • Excess oil
    • Dirt
    • Makeup
    • Dead skin cells

    And, if you remember from high school chemistry class, water is cohesive—water molecules readily bond to other water molecules. So, to achieve optimal absorption, ensure that your skin is damp so that the water molecules in the moisturizer have water molecules on the application surface to bond to.

    Moisturizer Application Tip #2: Order Your Layers

    If you use more than one product to treat and moisturize your skin after cleansing, apply them in order from lightest to heaviest:

    • Toner
    • Spot treatment
    • Serum
    • Eye cream
    • Full face moisturizing lotion or cream

    If you use a separate SPF product, that should go after your daily moisturizer.

    Moisturizer Application Tip #3: Apply Gently

    Your moisturizer needs to be absorbed to do its job. Absorption is largely a chemical process; it happens by osmosis and cell transport. Rubbing harder will not accomplish better or deeper absorption so ease up on the pressure. Applying your moisturizing products should be done using a gentle, circular massaging motion. You should never see any redness or irritation after putting on your serums or creams.

    Your Moisturizer Can't Do It All Alone

    When applied correctly, moisturizers can work amazing skin-rejuvenating feats. But they will work even better when combined with best skincare practices and other products formulated to get the results you want. So, keep in mind that getting the most from your moisturizer also requires:

    • Cleansing your skin daily using lukewarm water
    • Gently exfoliating once or twice weekly
    • Getting the hydration and nutrients your skin needs for optimal health
    • Applying daily sun protection (year-round)

    Get advice and pro tips from dermatologists and licensed aestheticians when you need it. Get personalized product recommendations from your trusted skincare product company Hale Cosmeceuticals. Take our personalized skin assessment and contact us to order or request samples.

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