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    New Year, New Resolutions

    With just days until the New Year, there is no time like the present to start making resolutions for better, younger-looking skin. Making the commitment to better skincare is a resolution that not only benefits your complexion, but also supports a healthy lifestyle.

    Resolution: Eating Better

    You've heard it before you are what you eat. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and its condition is affected by the amount of nutrients you take in. By making a healthy, balanced diet part of your daily routine, you can boost collagen production, cell turnover, and detoxify your skin. For the sweet and savory lovers out there: Don't worry! Healthy eating doesn't have to be a drastic and unpleasant change. Replacing just one fast food meal for a vegetable-filled platter a day can make a significant difference in your skin's overall health.

    Resolution: Hit the Gym

    If you're making the time for exercise this New Year, your skin will be the first to thank you! Elevating your heart rate for at least 30 minutes a day increases the oxygen level in your skin, which means that you are less prone to breakouts. Plus, your body will release endorphins, giving you a natural, healthy glow.

    Resolution: Stop Stressing

    Stressing is a hard habit to overcome, especially if you feeling the demands of work and family. But, slowing down and giving yourself the gift of relaxation is going to do more than make you feel better it's going to make you look better, too! Stress hormones trigger breakouts and, yes, mother was right stress can cause wrinkles. If stress is making you lose sleep, that could mean that your skin is suffering the lack of the vital processes it needs to regenerate, which leaves you with under-eye circles and puffy, irritated skin. Stop the cycle of stress this year! You can start by writing down your triggers so that you can prepare for stressful situations. Also, determine how many hours of sleep you need and get them!

    Resolution: Protect Your Skin

    Sun and exposure to dry conditions can irritate and damage your skin. With better hydration, however, you can fight both. Hale has moisturizing serums and lotions for every skin type, including SPF creams, making it easier to protect your skin against the elements.  Don't forget to reapply! Using the right products makes the difference when you are resolving for a better look and feel of your skin. Contact Hale Cosmeceuticals today for your free skin assessment and learn how we can help you with your skin resolutions!

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