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    Your Guide To Perfect Skin in 2020

    93% of people set New Years resolutions. Of those 93%, at least half (though likely more) resolve to approve their appearance in some way. The majority of appearance-related resolutions have to do with weight, but almost none have to do with skincare. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we have witnessed firsthand the amazing transformation that a strategic and dedicated skincare regime can achieve. If you've yet to come up with a resolution to which you want to commit, commit to improving your skin's appearance.

    Committing Is Easy

    Achieving and maintaining a flawless complexion is surprisingly simple and involves three main steps: Cleanings Toning Moisturizing Despite its simplicity, many people skimp on one or all three steps, almost guaranteeing that their skin will suffer in some way. Don't put your complexion at risk for blackheads, blemishes or dry spots. Invest in the right products for your skin and take five minutes out of your day to do each of the following steps.


    Cleansing always takes precedence. Though cleansing may seem like an obvious task to you brush, floss, cleanse many people skip this crucial step before applying their moisturizer or makeup, rationalizing that they washed their faces the night before. Though your face doesn't come into contact with makeup while you sleep, it does come into contact with sweat, oils from your hair and dirt from your pillowcase. Scrub away the impurities and ensure your other facial products have a clean foundation on which to work by thoroughly cleaning your face with a gentle face wash each morning.


    If cleansing is an afterthought, toning is unheard of for most people. Yet, toner is a wonderful addition to any skincare regime in that it adds a thin layer of hydration on which to apply moisturizer and makeup. In addition to locking in moisture, toner is formulated to remove oil, sebum and dirt from the pores and to keep them out all day long.


    Moisturizer is key to keeping your skin look fresh and radiant year-round. You should change your moisturizer with the seasons and based on your skin's needs. For instance, in the winter you want to use a rich, extra-hydrating product. In the summer, however, your skin may crave something far more lightweight and water based. In the spring and fall months, look for a product that falls somewhere in between.As you age, you may want to revise your skincare regime to include anti-aging products and steps. Serums should be applied after toner but before moisturizer.Don't take a chance on your complexion in 2020. Shop for high-quality products that are guaranteed to do what they promise. Shop Hale Cosmeceuticals today.

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