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    How to Prevent Breakouts

    Acne is a frustrating skin condition, one that many people experience. While most people believe that acne ends in adolescence, the truth is many adults also experience pimples. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to reduce your acne risk and improve the condition of your skin, including the following.


    Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

    Your hands and fingers accumulate dirt and oils throughout the day. When you touch your face frequently, you pass these oils to your face, where they can exacerbate break outs. Limit face touching as much as you can and carry face wipes with you during the day to cleanse your face of oils when away from home. 

    Eat Healthy Foods

    When you eat a lot of processed foods, such as potato chips or white bread, it will have a negative impact on your skin as well as your general health. Other types of foods can also cause breakouts. For instance, some people find that dairy can increase break outs, as it may cause an immune system response in sensitive individuals. Consider the foods you ate prior to a breakout and eliminate them from your diet to see if it makes an impact. 

    Choose Makeup Carefully

    When you're experiencing an acne break out, it's best to go bare faced as much as possible. Concealer and foundation clog your pores, which may lead to even more pimples. However, if you must use cover up during a breakout, choose foundations and concealers that are free of fragrances and labeled as noncomedogenic. That means the product is designed to not clog pores, so it will be lighter and airier on the skin. 

    Wash Your Face Correctly

    When choosing a facial cleanser, look for one that's free of alcohol. Use warm water, as hot water can dry out your skin and increase oil production. Apply cleanser using clean fingers instead of a washcloth, as a rough washcloth may irritate your skin. Rinse the cleanser completely from your face when finished. 

    Take Steps to Reduce Stress

    Experiencing stress and anxiety can also increase break outs by boosting oil production. If you're feeling stressed, take time for yourself to unwind. Exercise, particularly yoga, is great for decreasing tension. You can also pamper yourself with a healing massage, which will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated afterward. Meditation is also beneficial when stress is at its peak. The quality of your skin care regimen also has an effect on acne. Skin care products must be formulated for your skin type, and they must also contain natural ingredients free of artificial irritants. Our team at Hale Cosmeceuticals offer a wide range of daily cleansers, including an exfoliating cleanser that works to remove excess oil. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to learn more. You can also call 1-800-951-7005 to place an order today.

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