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    The Problem with Parabens and Other Chemicals

    There are a lot of chemicals and compounds that you might encounter in commercial beauty products. Some, like parabens, are used as preservatives. Others, like phthalates, are used to keep solutions from settling and protect the consistency of liquid cosmetics. But parabens, phthalates and other chemicals can pose potential risks to your health and body and at Hale Cosmeceuticals, we believe it's better to avoid these unnecessary risks whenever possible.

    Potential Risks

    Scientists are still researching the full extent of risks posted by parabens, phthalates, and other chemicals. What they do know is that these substances can have an effect on the human body, and regular exposure such as from wearing beauty products every day can have a cumulative effect. Parabens and phthalates can disrupt hormone production, leading to an imbalance of estrogen. This can affect fertility and may even pose as a risk factor for certain types of cancers.

    The Hale Difference

    Other cosmetics companies may rely on other people's research but at Hale Cosmeceuticals, we have our own extensive in-house R&D department and manufacturing plant. We're committed to finding the best way to create products that are safe and effective without relying on potentially dangerous chemicals. When you buy from us, you know that you're receiving a product that's been thoroughly tested (but never on animals!) and is free of unnecessary risks. That's our promise to you with every order you make!

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