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    Not a Professional? Why You Shouldn't Use Professional-Only Products

    Most products from Hale Cosmeceuticals are safe and effective for over the counter use. However, there are a few products, mainly chemical peels, that we reserve for professional use only. Here's why:

    What Professionals Are Trained to Know

    Professional (licensed) estheticians receive extensive training so that they understand the anatomy and physiology of the skin and the chemistry of skincare products. Their education and experience mean they know:

    • The best types of chemical peels for your skin type and skincare goals
      The primary acid(s) in a chemical peel determine how deeply it penetrates your skin, and the depth of penetration determines what skin issues can be addressed. For example, skin brightening can be achieved with a mild acid like alpha-hydroxy. However, such a peel would not be effective to treat notably darker spots (e.g. age spots) or lines and wrinkles. 
    • Early signs of adverse reactions to skincare products
      Chemical peels are known to sting. Expecting some discomfort could lead someone to ignore signs of more severe irritation. Licensed professionals, however, are trained to identify possible adverse reactions quickly so that they can adapt treatment to prevent discomfort and/or skin damage.
    • Early interventions for adverse reactions to skincare products
      In the event that your skin does not react well to a product, a licensed professional will know the best course of action to arrest the adverse reaction and provide relief (and healing, if necessary).

    If using a professional-only product without the professional, you run the risk of damaging your skin and experiencing (unnecessary) discomfort in the process.

    What Can Happen If Professionals Are Bypassed

    If you use a professional-only product without the knowledge and skill of a professional to apply it, quite likely, you simply will not get the results you want. You are likely to either overdo or underdo the application, meaning you get little benefit or too much of a good thing, which translates to skin sensitivity, redness and discomfort. Hale Cosmeceuticals does everything we can to prevent misapplication of our products. When we say professional-use only, we mean it. To order the product, you must have a valid esthetician's license from the state in which you practice. This is for your safety and to ensure optimal performance of our products.

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