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    Are You Removing Your Makeup the Right Way?

    It's hard to imagine that anyone doesn't know they're supposed to remove their makeup before bed. But it's not too hard to imagine that many people are removing their makeup the wrong way, and in the process, clogging pores or irritating their skin. Here are some of the top makeup removal mistakes and how to correct them:

    1. You're scrubbing your makeup off

    Makeup, especially mascara, can be stubborn to remove, so you put a little elbow grease into your face washing regime, right? Wrong!

    Scrubbing your skin, particularly the very delicate skin around your eyes, can irritate it, causing redness and swelling. If you're rubbing around your eyes, you're also increasing the likelihood that makeup will get in your eye where it can breed infection.

    Correction: soften stubborn makeup before removing it. You can loosen makeup by holding a cotton pad with a gentle makeup remover near the area that needs cleansing so that your makeup absorbs it, or you can steam your face, allowing the moisture to re-hydrate crusty makeup.

    2. You're only partially removing makeup

    If you rely on makeup remover pads or wipes, and worse, if you're using just one for your whole face, you're leaving makeup residue (and other gunk) behind.

    Correction: if using makeup remover pads or wipes as your full-face cleanse, you must use multiple wipes or pads. However, it is preferable that makeup remover pads or wipes are used as a preparatory step for a full face wash with a gentle cleansing product (followed up by moisturizer, of course).

    3. You're using harsh makeup removing products

    Makeup removers often contain harsh chemicals in order to effectively cut through crusty or greasy makeup. If you are using them every day, you are likely stripping away your skin's natural moisture.

    Correction: take the time to use a properly formulated facial cleanser either after or instead of makeup removers. Follow up your facial cleanse with a nurturing serum and moisturizer to replenish hydration.

    One final tip: find a facial cleanser that is formulated to your skin type. If you do not know what skin type you have, take our personal skin care assessment or ask your dermatologist. For product recommendations for your skin type, please contact us.

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