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    How Often Should I Schedule a Facial?

    A facial is more than a pampering skincare service. It should be a regular part of a comprehensive skincare plan. But, like almost anything else, you can get too much of a good thing. So how often should you schedule a facial?

    Schedule Facials to Match Skin Renewal Cycles

    To maximize the benefits of facials (including visible results), you need to schedule them regularly. There is simply no way you can treat, repair or address all of your skincare needs in one single appointment. Facials may need to build on each other—layering treatments and protections—and/or treatments may require more than one application before you begin seeing results. In short, facials aren’t a quick fix.

    Plus, you will likely have differing concerns each time as changes in season/weather, your stress level, your eating habits, your sleeping habits, your travels, etc. all introduce new challenges to keeping a healthy, radiant complexion.

    But…once you’ve addressed most of your skincare concerns, regular facials help maintain your results. So, you get to enjoy clean, clear, firmer, glowing skin more consistently between treatments.

    So, how often should you schedule a facial?

    Most aestheticians recommend scheduling a facial every three to four weeks. This allows your skin to go through an entire renewal cycle.

    If you have time and/or budget constraints that do not make a monthly facial doable, schedule a facial at least once every three months (change of seasons) to help your skin handle the changes in weather and temperature.

    Of course, a qualified esthetician can help you determined a more personalized facial schedule to best meet your skin’s specific needs.  

    Considerations for Scheduling Your Facial

    Every person has different skin and skincare needs. So, before you call or go online to schedule your next facial, keep in mind:

    • Too-frequent facials can harm your skin.
    • Some facial treatments may cause minor irritation during the healing process, so schedule your facial at least a week before any major event.
    • Tell your aesthetician about all of the medications and supplements you are taking. This can help your aesthetician avoid any products or treatments to which you may be more sensitive/reactive to because of the medication.
    • Don’t get a facial just before or after you’ve waxed your eyebrows, lips and/or chin.

    Most importantly, research your local salons, spas and med spas to find a certified, experienced aesthetician. Schedule a pre-facial consultation, if possible, to see if an aesthetician is someone with whom you feel good about working with to achieve your skin care goals.

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