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    Science of Peptides for Skin


    What Are Peptides?

    To put it simply, peptides are a string of Amino acids, which are the core ingredients and building blocks for the proteins in our body. These peptides naturally occur in your skin to give it elasticity and firmness. Peptides are also known as Polypeptides that you can often find in different skincare products.

    Peptides are essential for your skin to produce collagen and elastin fibers. Collagen and Elastin are proteins, and therefore peptides help tremendously to rebuild and restore these proteins. If there is a lack of peptides, your skin may appear wrinkly and dull. Even though, peptides already exist in our skin, we may face a deficiency that must be fulfilled for our skin to look supple. Not only are they important for proteins, but Peptides help our skin in MANY ways!

    What Is The Science Of Peptides For Skin?

    As you age, your body decreases its collagen production and that can lead to your skin looking older and wrinkly. The premature aging of your skin is often a sign of a collagen deficiency. Once you start incorporating peptides in your skincare routine, it will boost collagen production and will help your skin repair and strengthen its barrier.

    When you use peptide products on your skin, it stimulates the production of collagen by tricking your skin into believing that there has been an injury. To fix the injury, your skin starts producing extra collagen and helps it restore its natural state.

    The exogenous peptides are most commonly found in different skin serums and moisturizers. They penetrate deep into your skin and signal your skin cells to boost the production of collagen and elastin.

    What Are The Benefits Of Peptides For Skin?

    If you want to include peptides in your skin routine, you should! There are several benefits of doing so:

    Decreases Inflammation

    Your skin may have inflammation that can cause it to look uneven and also be prone to acne. Peptides help reduce the inflammation from your skin and repair the damages caused by the inflammation.

    The antimicrobial peptide (AMP) boosts production of melanin, which is a skin pigment. AMP is also used in skin brightening and hyperpigmentation, which also helps reduce spots.

    Improves the Skin Barrier

    Your skin has a strong protective layer that helps it protect you against toxins, different pollution, bacteria, and even the ultraviolet rays from the sun. There are many ways that we damage our skin barrier every day and that leaves our skin prone to danger. If you incorporate peptides in your skincare routine you can fix the skin barrier and have healthy-looking skin.

    Smooths Out Wrinkles

    Peptides are anti-aging and help remove all signs of premature aging, including wrinkles. They improve the production of collagen and elastins that help smooth out the wrinkles in your skin.

    Hydrates Skin

    There are multiple pieces of research that support the claim that peptides in fact hydrate the skin and help smooth out all the irregularities that happen because of dehydration of the skin.

    Has Anti-Glycation Properties

    Glycation can cause the protein in your skin to discolor and lose its elasticity. It also causes the protein to deform, giving your skin a rough texture. Peptides are active ingredients that help restore the proteins and help your skin look supple and wrinkle-free.

    Source of Copper

    Peptides are an excellent source of copper for your skin. They deliver the copper deep inside your skin to give it the healing properties. Copper can help your skin heal and regenerate at the deepest layer.

    Versatile Use

    Peptides can be used for all skin types. As of yet, there is no evidence of peptides being too dry or oily for different types of skin.


    Peptides are all the rage in the skincare industry. Not only are they popular among the general public, but they are a natural way to help restore and rejuvenate our skin! 

    At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we have been using Peptides in our products for years! Check out these HIGH Potency (HP) Peptide products today! And our Patent-5 Peptide Serum has over 70% peptides concentration! You can also read more about what Peptides can do for your skin!!



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