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    How Do Self-Adjusting Foundations Actually Work?

    Picking out the right shade of foundation is a struggle that seems to never end. Dozens of brands, thousands of tones and what about darker skin tones during the summer months? All of these mean hours of browsing for just the right shade that won’t make it plain that we’re wearing makeup.

    This sheer struggle is what made ‘self-adjusting foundation’ such an eye-catcher. If a product could actually match skin tones without hours spent trying to find just the right shade, then it would be a guaranteed purchase for thousands of women. Hale Cosmeceuticals has a focused interest in skin care and innovations in beauty, so we decided to learn more.

    How Do Self-Adjusting Foundations Work?

    The formulas involved in self-adjusting foundations fall into two categories: pH-reactive formulas or encapsulated colors.

    The pH-reactive formulas are more chemically based as they use certain ingredients which react differently based on the pH level of moisture they come in contact with. As everyone’s skin has an individual pH balance, the ingredients react to the acidity or alkaline levels of their skin’s moisture by changing colors. It appears to change color based on your personal chemistry, but the pH balance of whatever moisture may be on your skin at the time can affect the color. Even the air can change the shade!

    Encapsulated color formulas separate the color pigment from an uncolored base product such as a moisturizer. The color is coated with an oil or gel which holds the pigmentation suspended, giving the foundation an initially grey or white color. When the foundation is rubbed into the skin, the coating on the color pigments is broken, releasing the colored pigment. Why does it look like it blends with your skin even if it isn’t matching your exact tone? The more you blend, the more pigment you release- if you see your skin still looks too pale, you’re going to try blending the foundation into your skin. This will further the pigment’s release.

    Do They Really Deliver As Promised?

    Even ‘self-adjusting’ foundations come in a variety of shades– light, medium and dark skin tones all have their own –and choosing the wrong shade can leave you with the same problem you had before. While these products are usually cleverly marketed to make women think that they will change color to match skin tones exactly, it’s not the case.

    Where self-adjusting foundations shine is the blending capacity that matches well with having various hues available for differing skin tones. Rather than purchasing four or five different foundations, mixing and matching and possibly clogging your pores and doing skin damage with harsh products, a single self-adjusting foundation provides a single layer to help even skin tone.

    Hale Cosmeceuticals stands by the notion that the best way to keep your skin looking fresh, even and beautiful is with attention to your overall skin health. Do you want to know more about what products will help keep your skin beautiful? Contact us today for information on cruelty-free, vegan skin care products.

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