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    Should I Worry About Parabens?

    At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we are proud to offer paraben-free products to our customers. But what does that really mean? What's a paraben, and why should you avoid it? Let's see if we can clear up this mystery for you once and for all!

     What Are Parabens?

    Parabens are chemical preservatives used in beauty and hygiene products to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus from growing in makeup creams. Since these microorganisms can cause a host of infections and unpleasant symptoms, inhibiting their growth in makeup that will come in close contact with your body is definitely a good thing. However, parabens themselves can be a problem. Parabens were considered a cost effective way to replace formaldehyde, which was used many years ago as a preservative in cosmetics. Paraben chemicals have been in use for nearly 70 years. While the chemicals in parabens are of vast improvement over formaldehyde, their safety has been called into question. Among other things, they are being studied for causing elevated levels of estrogen in women. Elevated levels of estrogen have been linked to cancer in some individuals. Additionally, parabens are a known irritant for many people, causing discomfort after use. Safe Solutions to Parabens You'll find parabens in many commercial foundations

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