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    The Perfect Morning Skincare Routine for Fall

    The weather's changing, and so should your skincare products and routines. To bid adieu to summer and welcome in the cooler and drier fall season, here's what Hale Cosmeceuticals recommends:

    A Gentle Morning Cleanse

    If you've used an exfoliating or foaming cleanser to combat increased oiliness during the summer, now is the time to switch to something gentler and more nourishing. To best keep natural hydration and oils, use a cleansing milk or creamy cleanser. Our Dermist Cleanser is an ideal fall selection. However, if you have an oily skin type and battle acne year-round, Dermist 624-GSL Clarifying Cleanser is mild enough for daily use.

    Skin Brightening Serum

    Fading tans often cause exaggerated unevenness in skin tone. Once your sun-kissed glow is gone, you may see areas of hyperpigmentation. A skin brightening serum can help you achieve a more even skin tone. Serums with high vitamin A, C and/or E concentrations, like our C-Fine Super Serum, have skin brightening effects (in addition to skin repair). You may also opt for a spot treatment specifically formulated for pigmentation correction like our SB-7 Skin Brightener.

    Moisture Replenishing and Locking Cream

    Moving into fall is the right time to switch light water-based lotions for heavier creams that help seal in moisture after your morning face wash and serum treatment. Especially for those with dry and sensitive skin types, look for a moisturizer with high-capacity moisture retention capability i.e., hyaluronic acid like our Dermist M3HA.

    And at Night

    Your nighttime skincare routine will look very similar to your daytime routine, but with one exception exfoliation. The increased dryness during fall (which is accelerated as soon as you turn on your heat) can result in scaly or flaky patches, and those are best removed with mechanical exfoliation up to two times each week. Our Dermist Exfoliating Cleanser may be swapped once or twice each week to rough up your gentle cleanse just enough to slough away dead skin cells. You may also use a facial scrub, but find one with rounded scrubbers rather than crushed fruit pits that can tear delicate skin.

    To try any of our products to see how they work with your skin type, please contact us.

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