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    What Happens to Your Skin When You Sleep With Makeup On (Hint: It's Not Pretty)

    We get it you went out, had some fun, and now that you're home, the last thing you want to do is brush your teeth or wash your face of your makeup. While there's no problem with hitting the hay after a long day or night out, you're doing your complexion a severe disservice if you fall asleep with your makeup on. Here are three things that happen to your skin when you sleep with makeup on.

    You'll Breakout

    When you sleep with your face makeup on, it will mix with the oils and dead skin cells while you sleep. This can result in clogged pores, and clogged pores mean breakouts. If you don't want to show up to the office on Monday morning looking like the teenaged version of yourself, wash your face before letting it hit the pillow.

    Your Complexion Will Suffer

    Day-old foundation, powder and eye makeup can all settle into your skin's fine lines and creases, leaving your complexion looking dull and tired the next morning. Depending on how much makeup fell into your fine lines, it may even make you look old, which defeats the whole purpose of wearing makeup, right?

    You Hinder Your Anti-Aging Efforts

    Anti-aging serums and creams are only effective when you apply them to clear, dry skin. If you lazily apply your products over a face full of makeup, the products won't work like they're supposed to, AND you're just wasting money. Washing your face each night before bed is key to maintaining healthy skin. That said, the quality of the products you use can also affect your skin health. Hale Cosmeceuticals produces high quality skin care products for every skin type and all occasions. Shop for the gentle cleansers your complexion craves, along with other superior skin care products.

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