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    Is Snail Slime Really Effective for Anti-Aging?

    The Rise of Snail Essence Skincare

    Snail mucin is the gel-like liquid secreted from a snail. Just like humans, not all snails are the same. So the snail mucin each produces will be different as well Different kinds of mucin carry different skin benefits. The practice of using snail slime (mucin) for skincare dates backs a couple millennia to the ancient Greeks. After centuries of obscurity, Korean skincare trends have reintroduced snail mucin (snail essence) as the latest and greatest skincare trend. 

    The Purported Skin Health Benefits of Snail Slime

    Snail essence whether formulated in masques, moisturizers, serums or makeup, is marketed as a product that moisturizes, improves wrinkles and scars and prevents the development of new lines and wrinkles. Snail mucin may have some skin health benefits. It does contain known skin-boosting compounds, including:

    - Hyaluronic acid : Restore hydration to the skin

    - Glycolic acid : Alpha-hydroxy acid to help exfoliate the skin

    - Allantoin : helps exfoliate the skin, with calming properties and scar improvement

    The problem is that the concentration and potency of these compounds is so iffy. Different species of snails will produce different mucin compositions. Mucin is produced when snails are agitated, so environmental factors will also affect slime quality. There is not a solid body of research on snail mucin to identify species of snails or mucin processing protocols to ensure consistent quality and human safety.

    A More Effective, Less Disgusting Approach to Anti-Aging

    We don't blame you if you don't want to get on board the snail-slime-as-skincare bandwagon. There is no guarantee it will produce any noticeable anti-aging effects and, let's face it, some consider it gross. There is a better, easier way to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and scars, use skincare products with the stuff that is proven to work. We have several products with high active ingredient concentrations that will deliver the same benefits that snail slime does for the skin. like:

    Hale Cosmeceuticals products offer comprehensive skin health and anti-aging solutions without the "yuck" factor. Contact us to order your natural skincare products today

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