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    Hale Cosmeceuticals on Social Media

    When you apply sun protection, Hale Cosmeceuticals is there.

    When you moisturize your skin, Hale Cosmeceuticals is there. When you clean your skin, exfoliate your skin, nourish your skin even when you protect your lips or your nails or your eyes Hale Cosmeceuticals is there. We are there for you with ethically made skin care and beauty products that actually work. We're also there for you online.

    When you're on Facebook, on Twitter, and even on Google+, you can find us there as well. We maintain a strong social media presence so that we can stay in touch with you, our customers so that you can tell us what you like, so we can talk with you about shared beauty concerns, and so we can better know who our customers are.

    Google+ On Google+, the youngest major social network, you can find all our latest blog entries about monthly specials, new breakthroughs, favorite products, and more. You can also interact with us there and add your thoughts to what we post.

    Facebook On Facebook, we post regular health, diet, and exercise tips all things that can help you look and feel your best. We also post inspirational quotes, provocative thoughts, and beautiful images. We've also found it to be a wonderful place to interact with our customers.

    Twitter Someone once said that Facebook is a closed group of likeminded people, whereas Twitter is like a huge conversation open to the entire world. On Twitter, we really enjoy bonding with our customers and with our potential customers with everyone. We enjoy sharing your words, sharing our own, sharing things we find interesting facts about the science of skin care; inspiring messages; funny memes; and more.

    We love the degree of interaction with our customers that social media gives us. We love interacting with you, and getting to know you. We hope you'll follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that we can get to know you, and so that you can benefit from our specials, advice, and ideas. We'll see you there.

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