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    Specials for September

    This September, make three goals to improve your skin.

    Make your goals to Firm, Heal, and Fight Aging. And the result will be better, beautiful-looking skin. This month, we have three products on sale to help you do just that, and all of them are worth a try.

    • Dermist M3HA
    • C-Fine Milk Lotion, and
    • Complexion Protection sunscreen.

    First on the list, we have our Dermist M3HA, an amazing product for moisturizing and firming your skin. The HA in this product's name stands for Hyaluronic Acid one of the same ingredients found naturally in the most youthful, vibrant skin. In this, the hyaluronic acid is synthesized humanely from non-animal sources. Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, and so our Dermist M3HA is wonderful for firming up your skin and for making it look full and soft and beautiful. Second on the list, there's our C-Fine Milk Lotion a vitamin-c-based moisturizer ideal for treating overexposure to the sun, skin inflammation, and a range of other cosmetic benefits. People love our C-Fine Milk Lotion for the way it helps lessen fine lines, improve skin elasticity, and minimize wrinkles and it's 20% off this month, as is our Dermist M3HA.

    And one last special item you should know about this month is our vegan Complexion Protection sunscreen. This sunscreen is SPF 35, made humanely, and contains a special mix of minerals and other natural ingredients. It's available now at a special introductory price just ask and its patented blend of naturally occurring ingredients combine to form a powerful shield for your skin against dangerous, damaging UV rays. Why not make this month a month of taking care of your skin? And why not let us here at Hale Cosmeceuticals help you to do so? Contact Hale Cosmeceuticals, today, and let's get started."

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